Getting views from a NOOBS perspective

Day 1 = 0 views, Day 2 = 0 Views and guess what for 100’s of days this might happen!

I’m still at 0 Views, so why should I be helping you guys get some? Because I’ve trawled through some utter rubbish to get the basics and I’m guessing a 5 minute read sounds better then 2 days worth?

If not that tatty bye, and if so HELLO FRIEND!

Just write!

Get your content out there! As a beginner you don’t have to find your niche just yet. Explore categories, if your a keen pilot write about it but also find something else to write about it such as the places you’ve flown over that way you could double your potential range and a big viewing range = VIEWS!

As you can see myteenissue (me!) wrote a snippet on mental health, know its blogging! Doubled my target area!

You’ve started writing blogs, but keep up and maybe even ramp up the effort! at least once every 5 days is good, but every 2 days is the great! Daily blogging is best reserved for the more my life bloggers! and they usually already have an audience!

WordPress tips!

Tag and categorise! My favourite words after fandangle! Put your stuff into categories, it is at the side of your post!!! If your writing and blogging, put it into the writing and blogging category but if your writing and blogging about Culture then guess what put it into both!

Remember = Big viewing range = VIEWS

Tagging: tag relevant topics, for example mine are Blogging, Teen, Teenager, Life, Teen life, Teenager Life.

See how the same words come up! Isn’t teen the same as teenager? To us yes but to the computer when it sees teen it searches for that not Teenager! so don’t fall for missing out on people.


Google have search preferences, so make yours higher! Type in google blogs in the internet then click add my blog! So now when people search google blogs they will see you and when they search google they might see you!

There are loads of other sites about so please add into the comments them and I will give them a nice little spot into my post.


Ask your real friends to check you out, they will even if they leave rude comments! Post on Facebook, Twitter etc  but maybe even create a personal account for your blogging name.

That is because then people can contact you directly and you stay anonymous! WIN WIN!

Read and follow on WordPress, people will repay the favour and the occasional comment for follows or views is ok! Just not on mine!

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Teens can’t have mental illness! Can they?

‘Teenagers can’t have mental health issues!’ I heard an adult say today,’They’re just going through puberty.’ Well done to that adult, you have just reached a point in your life when you realised we go through PUBERTY! CONGRATULATIONS!


Mental illness can hit anyone, but it will worm away at YOU until YOU get HELP! Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and anorexia are all classed as Mental and sometimes physical disorders. I want to reduce the stigma around these but I want to talk about an uncommon one, so here we go….

We’re going on a trip… but not on my favourite rocket ship… into the not so magical world of….


If you want to just go onto my rant skip this bit (sorry)

noun: Orthorexia
an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.
  • a medical condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods that they believe to be harmful.

I hope this gives pretty much the basics of what Orthorexia is.

Do you avoid sweets or certain vegetables…. Then you’re not Orthorexic, so PLEASE CALM DOWN!

Orthorexia is where people cut out whole food groups, without ‘Medical’ needs such as lactose intolerance = NO dairy.

People do not always see it as a mental illness, but think of it in this way, clearly you’re cutting out food groups because somewhere in your mind you think they’re bad for you, so much so you don’t eat them!

Ok class dismissed over Orthorexia but now back on to rant mode…

Mental illness is not determined by age, it is determined by situations that affect how you think, so if lots of bad and negative things happen in your life it could consequently lead to you having depression!

SO TEENS CAN HAVE DEPRESSION!! (ha I proved an adult wrong)                                     (weird dance behind  screen)

Please don’t take my word as solid science evidence, it is my opinion apart from the facts about Orthorexia. If you think you’re suffering from any mental illness. Please get help as people do care about you. If you don’t want to speak to anyone maybe write about it… It can help!

Tara for now,